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London - Big Ben



Brunel University

Brunel University


Minisymposium I

Mathematical modelling of multiphase microflows: From particles to interfaces

Organised by
Demetrios Papageorgiou Imperial College, UK

  • Particle self-diffusiophoresis near solid walls and interfaces, D.G. Crowdy
  • Stretching of a capillary bridge featuring a particle-laden interface, L. Botto
  • Macroscopic effects of microscopic roughness in suspensions, H.J. Wilson, R.H. Davis
  • Fluctuating force-coupling method for interacting colloids, E.E. Keaveny
  • Dynamic unbinding transitions and deposition patterns in dragged meniscus problems, U. Thiele
  • Asymptotic analysis of evaporating droplets, N. Savva
  • A particle flow specific boundary element formulation for microfluidic applications, B. Baranoğlu, B. Çetin
  • Absolute and convective instabilities in non-local active-dissipative equations arising in the modelling of thin liquid films, D. Tseluiko, M.G. Blyth, D.T. Papageorgiou

Minisymposium II

Biomedical microfluidics of lab-on-a-chip technology

Organised by
Alberto Redaelli Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Carola König Brunel University, UK

  • Droplet microfluidics for high throughput biological analysis, H. Andersson Svahn
  • Sample preparation for point of care molecular diagnostics, W. Balachandran, R. McKay, P. Crow, B. Manoharanehru
  • Microfluidic platform for adherent single cell high-throughput screening, P. Occhetta, C. Malloggi, A. Gazaneo, M. Licini, A. Redaelli, G. Candiani, M. Rasponi
  • Design of an air-flow microchamber for microparticles detection, E. Bianchi, F. Nason, M. Carminati, L. Pedalà, L. Cortelezzi, G. Ferrari, M. Sampietro, G. Dubini, G.
  • Design of passive micromixer for the enzymatic digestion of DNA, I.K. Kefala, V.E. Papadopoulos, G. Kokkoris, G. Karpou, D. Moschou, G. Papadakis, A. Tserepi
  • Lab-on-Chip for testing Myelotoxic effect of drugs and chemicals, M. Rasponi, A. Gazaneo, A. Bonomi , P. Occhetta, L. Cavicchini, V. Cocce, V., G.B. Fiore, A. Pessina, A. Redaelli
  • Modeling of on-chip (bio)particle separation and counting using 3D electrode structures, B. Çetin, S. Zeinali, TURKEY
  • Accelerating development of stem cell-derived therapies using multiplexed microbioreactor arrays, D. Titmarsh, J. Frith, A. Hidalgo-Gonzalez, H. Padmanabhan, J. Hudson, D. Ovchinnikov, E. Wolvtang, J.Cooper-White
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